8 tips on how to choose and how to perfectly style boyfriend jeans

They are on the market for a few years now and I have seen all kinds of styles and so many different ways to wear them, not all of them flattering. I bought my first pair last  summer, after trying so many styles and not liking even one of them. From reasons like too large, too ripped, not the color I wanted, I felt lost in them, etc., I just couldn’t make up my mind. It took a while to find the perfect pair for my body, as I really didn’t want to settle for something that didn’t fitted the way I wanted them to.

I finally found one pair that was almost perfect, from Stradivarius, and since then I admit that they are one of my favorite jeans, especially for the comfiness and the badass look.

So, in my search for the right pair, I discovered the DO’s and DON’Ts of choosing a figure flattering pair of BF jeans.

  1. Your body is not your boyfriend’s body, so even though the style is boyish, the cut should be a little bit more figure flattering and adapted to a woman’s body.
  2. Don’t choose them too  baggy, like 2 size bigger baggy. You should look for bf jeans on your size, and if it is the right cut, they should fit perfectly in all the right places and should not fall of if not secured with a belt. 
  3. In my opinion, you should go for a medium ripped style, with just a few distressed zones, and not too large. They will get larger in time, plus you will see that putting them on without making the “holes” bigger is sometimes a challenge. And not like this… 
  4. Don’t choose ones that are too large at the hem, as they won’t look like  BF jeans anymore. Boyfriend jeans should be similar to a larger version of a cigarette pant.
  5. The most figure flattering are the Slim boyfriend jeans. Mine are like that. Still boyfriend jeans, but the volume is perfect for a woman’s body, not too much, not too less.
  6. Do pair them with feminine clothes and accessories, so you won’t look too boyish. It’s actually this mix of masculine and feminine elements that makes the whole look stylish and cool. Wear them with anything you want, from a simple white T-shirt, classic shirt, office jacket, leather jacket to a lace top and even sequins if you’re going to the club.
  7. The looser they are, the more fitted the top should be, so the overall look is balanced.
  8. Do wear them with any kind of shoes, except tall boots. 

How I style them: I love them with high heels and a classy lady look, but I also wear them with flats and converse and leather jacket.  For today, I choose this particular style because I wanted to show you a few tips:

  1. High heels make you longer and they make BF jeans more stylish, like you actually know what you’re doing.
  2. The colored shirt is not very fitted, but I can easily build an hourglass shape by adding a belt and like that my waist is defined.
  3. Of course I added my SASHaccessories leather Divine Rose necklace, because I love how the colors combine with the ones on the shirt. You can add a bold accessory too.
  4. The cardigan is a basic cardigan, but I manually added that embroidery to make it special. [I am a former wedding dress designer, remember? :)] You could do the same, or just buy a ladylike cardigan with a little bit of embroidery.
  5. If you don’t want to wear a belt, just tuck the shirt in your pants to make the hourglass shape.

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If you already have  boyfriend jeans, I hope you now have more ideas on how to wear them. If you don’t own one by now, I hope I convinced you of how comfy they are, easy to wear and to mix.

Photos: mine by Sebastian Bacioiu Photography and outfit inspiration: Pinterest

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