As probably you all know, I’ve been away on a 2 weeks vacation with my family and that kept me “busy” and away from everyone else. 🙂  As I have learned during the past 2 months, this blogger “job” requires to stay connected to the world constantly through social media and blogging, to keep posting new information everywhere, all the time. In case you want to start blogging and be successful, this is a must do. The reason is quite simple: people forget so easily and also they are bombarded with tons of information everyday. So, if you’re not delivering anything, someone else will. So, blogging is a full time job, all the time, vacation included. 🙂 So they say…

Also, I have become to understand that the more connected to the world we want or have to be, the less connected we are with ourselves. We have to be everywhere all the time, so there’s less time to think about ourselves, less time to connect with real life. 



By a twist of faith, during this vacation I could only have access to Internet through a wireless connection, so I was quite limited to the digital world. That turned out to be so amazingly wonderful and liberating. 🙂 I lived outside my phone and my laptop and I suddenly had time…

…to have fun with my family 

…to talk more

…to worry less

…to reconnect

…to recharge

…to sleep more 

…to relax

…to forget about to do lists and must do articles

…to think deeper

…to feel more

…to enjoy the simple things

…to read 2 books

…to rediscover Sandra Brown’s hot stories by finding a book in my mother’s in law bookcase :). It was a pleasure really, since I haven’t read a Sandra Brown’s book since I was in school. 😛 




When we packed our bags for this vacation and my husband saw that I was taking my laptop too, he told me: “Do you really have to work there too?” My plan was to write at least 1 – 2 posts while Erica was sleeping. And I could. I put Erica to sleep, and I opened my laptop, but I remembered his words and I decided to close it. I looked at my kid, I looked at my husband and I decided that a vacation can be a vacation away from everything, blogging included. I decided that everything else can wait, that being there is more important than being everywhere, I decided that no one will forget about me, my blog or the things I write about as long I give them the best of me during the rest of the year.

Everyone needs a time out, and everyone should take one from time to time.


Location: Vama Veche, Romania


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