An open world begins with an open mind

I just came back from my 2 weeks vacation and today is my first day of work. 🙂 I haven’t yet been able to shake off that holiday state of mind, so I’m slowwwwly (but surely) getting back to work. I have like a million things to do in the next few months, and my to do list is getting longer every day. Today I wanted to tell you where I’ve been for the last 2 weeks, but I decided to  show you something that I found earlier today and moved me to tears.

I wanted to share this video here, and not directly on my Fb page, because I really didn’t wanted to lose it, so every time I want to see it or talk about it I will find it right here.

Long story short, ask yourself this: Do you know who you really are, where do you come from, who are your ancestors, what elements from all this world make you – YOU? Are you sure you are who you think you are? Your DNA will tell your story.

Take 5 minutes that might change your opinion about all nations of the world, about how we are all connected and about how we are all closely related… Discover how a simple test that everyone should take can change the world, might stop some wars and might put an end to extremism.

An open World begins with an open Mind

It does make you think, isn’t it? Not everything is how we imagined it to be.

If you want to discover more about it you can access the dedicated page and even more, you can enter a competition here (before 16th August 2016) and win your own DNA Journey.

So, do you still think you know where you’re from?

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