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One of the most interesting outfit choices is one in which you’re mixing prints. As interesting as it might be, most people fear this and only few dare to do it. It’s not the safest outfit choice, but it looks fabulous if you do it right, and today I’ll teach you how.

  1. The prints must have at least 1 common color. In my opinion, it’s the most important rule that assures your “mix” success. If you only remember this one, it pretty much keeps you away from doing any big mistakes.
  2. Stripes, Dots and Gingham work with any kind of print, including with each other. Think of them as neutrals in this game, and if you remember rule no 1, it’s a sure match.
  3. Break prints with solids. If you’re using 2 prints, try to break them with a solid piece. You can also use a belt to break a top from a bottom.
  4. Same pattern in different sizes
  5. Same pattern in different colors that work together.
  6. Same color scheme, different patterns.

Does it seem easier now? Can you see how the rules are applied in the images below?

Photos: Pinterest (links in my Pinterest account)

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