A new nomination for me at Digital Divas Awards and a special request for you

Digital Divas by AVON is the most important event for the feminine digital community in Romania. This year is the 5th edition and it will be hosted by the Bragadiru Palace, in Bucharest, on the 20th of May. And yes, I’ll be there. 🙂

As every year, the event will recognize the best projects and bloggers from fashion and beauty community. This edition is all about those “who dare to take a leap of faith into the digital world” (DD), it’s all about the dreamers, the doers, the trendsetters. As you all know, every successful project begins with a dream, comes to live by ‘doing it’, becomes successful with hard work and hopefully a trendsetter for others. It’s all about those beautiful stories that we learn so much from, motivational and inspirational ones that give us energy to pursue our own dreams. The event will be transmitted live so you can all be a part of it no matter where you are.  Also, you can still request a free invitation to the conference and the Gala on their website.

Last year was my first participation to the event and I really enjoyed every hour, I loved listening the advice and stories of the guests, learned from each and discovered the people behind the “brands”. This is an event that I believe in, that turned us into a community that brings us together at least once a year and celebrates our work, accomplishments and efforts to become even better, that provides information and solutions, that teaches us it’s not easy to be successful, but when you really want and work for it, everything is possible. Because of this, as a true UrbanDiva :), this year I am an official Blogger Ambassador of Digital Divas, as a way to get even closer to the event, to be a part of it, to learn more and to share even more interesting facts and stories.

Besides this, I’m happy to announce that theUrbanDiva has been nominated in two categories: Best Newcomer FASHION Blog and Special Projects by Bloggers, with 2 projects: Surviving Your Wedding and Wearing Art.  I know you can imagine how amazing would be for me to win in those categories, and your vote will count for 50%, besides the jury’s vote. So, if you like my projects and the stories I share on theUrbanDiva.com, please vote for me and keep your fingers crossed.


You can also vote in all categories, and your vote will count 100% in the “People’s Choice Award” category. The voting process won’t last too long, so please vote now.

Every vote will count and I already thank you for yours and all the support in this past year.

How to vote: 

Follow this link and write your e-mail address.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.58.11

You will receive a reply e-mail from Digital Divas with a link which will take you to the voting platform. (If you don’t receive an e-mail in the following 5 minutes from your subscription, you can try again.)  There is a list with all the categories and the nominees. You can find me at 3. Special Projects by Bloggers – Surviving your Wedding or Wearing Art

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.11.15

and at 7. Best Newcomer FASHION Blog – the Urban Diva.

Vote for me at Digital Divas 2016

Than just click VOTE.

Thank you from all my heart,


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