With this Surviving your Wedding guide I’ve been taking you from the moment he proposed to all the ups and downs of planning, I shared my experience and I hope it helped. I didn’t tell what dress to choose, what flowers, what cake or makeup. It wasn’t about that.

This is the final chapter of my guide, and it holds my most precious advice… 🙂

I know you’ll get stressed out. I know you’ll have moments when you’ll ask yourself why didn’t we run and got marry just the 2 of us… They’ll pass. You know exactly why you want this, and sometimes it’s worth getting stressed because this means getting things done, your way. But don’t get crazy doing it. The last thing anyone needs is a bridezilla :), the last thing you want to remember is how exhausted this made you, how much you just wanted to get over with it. Don’t hold on to every single detail that probably no one will notice except you. See the big picture…

I know how perfect you want everything to be and that lots of you dreamed about this day since like forever 🙂 (like me), I know deep inside you want to make everyone happy. Don’t. This is about the two of you, and everyone else should remember that. Be gentle to your husband, because many times he won’t understand why you want only that particular flower, or color or whatever. He might forget some steps from your first dance, so don’t get upset, you’re not competing for anything, you’re dancing the first dance as a husband and wife. Remember why you are there and why you are doing it.

Brides, you are allowed to get stressed out until one day before the wedding. Then, from the moment the sun rises that day, leave everything behind. What’s done is done, what isn’t doesn’t matter anymore. This is your day, the one you will always remember, so make the most out of it, enjoy every second; it only lasts a few hours… That’s my biggest advice to you.

Have your perfect wedding, a wonderful life together and amazing memories to hold on to!

Life feels perfect today, isn’t it?

From all my heart,


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