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Untold festival is now over and I still hear the music in my head. While my body feels exhausted, my heart jumps up with joy. Needless to say, we need music in our lives and we need festivals like this to remind us of who we are and how great we can feel together, regardless of our age, gender or nationality. There were more than 300.000 people at the festival from all over the world, and no incidents. The festival will be nothing without the amazing energy of the people.


Armin loves Romania and Romania loves Armin

While there were many shows I loved, dancing until 7 am with Armin will always remain a priceless moment for me. He still remains the no. 1 #hero of Untold and my no. 1 DJ. There were around  80.000 people in the arena at the beginning of the show, and it was as full as it could be. By the time he finished, 4 hours later, there were still around 40.000 people. That was incredible. The final fireworks were released on daylight. 🙂 The people had a hard time letting him go and he had a hard time leaving. The connection between him and the audience was amazing, and you could really feel the excitement of the fans.

Beyond the music, I personally respect Armin as an artist for the respect he shows to his fans, for knowing what to say and how to act to make them feel special. From the first hello to the last goodbye, he knows how to connect to his audience and the people deliver amazing energy and love. That’s the whole beauty of a show like this. Many DJ’s play great music, but so few of them show up like they really want to be there.

Last year, one of the main acts was Avicii. Although I really like his music and it was a show I expected, I was disappointed  by the lack of communication. Not even a “Hello Untold!” came out of his mouth. He came, played the music and left. That’s not ok my friend, no matter who you are and how big you’ve become. Saying Hello is basic common sense and is at least you can do for 70.000 people who are screaming your name. That being said, I would love a change of attitude in some of the artists, no matter how tired, not in the mood, sick, drunk or whatever reason they might have.

See you next time Untold!

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