or better yet, stolen. 🙂  I love a slim man shirt and I love it even more when it looks good on me too. I’ve been borrowing my husband’s shirts for a while  and now some have become mine forever :)) , like this pretty blue one in the pictures below.

Wearing his shirt has 3 main benefits: it’s free, it’s not taking any space in your closet because it sits nicely in his 🙂 and looks incredible great with your feminine wardrobe. Plus, a man’s shirt on a woman’s body has that “je ne sais quoi” that I find sexy.

His shirt can be worn in many ways, but for this outfit I added a silver metal belt and 2 glam brooches on the collar to make it more feminine.

I have to run now, since it’s an extremely busy week. Don’t worry if I won’t be too talkative in the next few days…I’m preparing something bigger and better.

In the meantime… check out his closet. There are some hidden treasures in there. 😉









Photo: Cris Petcu Photographa

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