How to erase 10 years off your face in 5 minutes

    Getting old is great if the body doesn’t show it. 🙂 And lets all admit it, we all want to get rid of any signs of getting old with minimum costs and maximum results. It rarely happens like this, but I have faith in the beauty industry, as I have recently experienced a wow treatment.

    Long story short, I was invited to try a revolutionary face treatment that promised to take 10 years off my face in just 5 minutes. The treatment sounded too interesting not to try it:) So darlings, after doing it, I now look like I am 23 years old.

    This experience made me look forward to the moment the industry will discover a similar treatment for the rest of the body. Cellulite, stretch marks, fat – please be gone in 5 minutes!


    As I was told, this treatment is a revolutionary registered system that shoots upon the facial tissues a strong CO2 flow, combining an extremely high concentration of atomized anti-aging actives at a very high pressure and low temperature. Don’t worry, is not going to freeze your face. This beauty treatment is called Coolifting, and it’s being done with a BeautyGun or in other words “I was shot with beauty” :).

    What are the wow effects?

    beauty treatment coolifting

    Immediate after the treatment you will see a lifting effect, the skin will be smoother and brighter, as the thin surface wrinkles will be eliminated and the deep ones will be reduced. The treatment will leave a nourishing cream on your face, slightly sticky and transparent (you can see in pictures), that it is recommended to leave in for as much as you can. I couldn’t leave it on for more than 4-5 hours, but it is recommended to leave it overnight, to maximise the effects.

    The treatment stimulates collagen, elastin, skin regeneration and improves skin texture. It didn’t hurt, it lasted for exactly 5 minutes and I was assured it’s totally noninvasive.

    tratament coolifting

    Now, I only needed 1 session, as I don’t want people to take me for a teenage girl :), but depending on your age and your own personal needs, the specialist will recommend a number of sessions and a time interval between them.

    This treatment was developed in Barcelona and is now available in beauty centers and spas all over the world. In Romania, it is available in the training center of the MEDTECH IQ company, sole importer of this new revolutionary technology, and soon in spas and beauty centers all over the country. It feels strange to be able to see results so fast and witness yourself looking younger in minutes. Hope you’ll be able to try it soon.

    For more info, you can contact Georgiana from MEDTECH IQ here, and she will gladly explain more over a coffee. This is how it all started: have a coffee and then let me erase 10 years. They were for sure the best spent 5 minutes. 🙂

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