9 home decor ideas for bike lovers

    My husband has a bike that he rarely takes out but who sits on the balcony annoying me all the time because I keep hitting it every time I’m in there. In my search for storage ideas, I discovered some cool, cute and sometimes smart deco ideas inspired by bicycles or for bicycles. Since I know that some of you may have the same storage problem as I have (husband has absolutely no problem with it 🙂 ) or maybe you’re just a bicycle lover, I thought you might find these inspirational or useful.

    1. Berlin wooden bicycle rack

    Pretty perfect for the entrance hall, slim, minimalist and efficient. It’s made by Studio OONA and you can find it here.

    oona_berlin_wooden_bicycle_shelf_accessories_furniture_1 oona_berlin_wooden_bicycle_shelf_accessories_furniture_3_sq_1024x1024

    2. Re – bike Table

    Designed by Uzina 55 Ploesci, this is a piece that I discovered recently, I actually saw it and it looks pretty cool in reality. It may sound strange, but has a sort of a romantic look :)), considering the fact that it’s an industrial design. You can find it at Dizainar starting last week.


    3. A good-looking Clock

    I have to say,  I really love this one. The mix of industrial with the classic hands of the clock looks surprisingly nice.

    Photos:here & here

    4. Bike Shelf

    “The illuminated book-shelf that turns your bike in a work of art”.

    Created by VADOLIBERO, it’s actually a  beautiful piece of furniture, making the bike the center piece.


    5. Pillow

    If you love bikes, at least a pillow you should have. 🙂

    Photo:find it here

    6. Coasters


    Photo:here & here

    7. Cute photo display

    You wouldn’t think an old wheel could look so cute as a photo display idea… Well, it does. If you love the shabby chic style than you’ll probably love this.

    Photo: here

    8. Ceiling lamp and chandelier


    Photo:here and here

    9. Hanger


    For more inspiration on this subject, check my Home Ideas board on Pinterest.

    So dears,did you find it inspiring? Any of you share the same storage problem with the kids or husband’s bikes? 

    Have the best week,


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