If you read my blog, than you probably know my opinion about trends: good to know, wrong to follow blindly…I never believed that you have to change the whole wardrobe every season, to only wear what’s ‘hot’, what’s #trendingnow, etc and the fact that I own clothes that are now about 15 years old or more proves my point. Also considering the fact that what’s good for me may be so wrong for you, your outfit choices should be smart, adapted to your needs and most importantly YOURS. However, my role is to guide you to those smart decisions… 🙂

Now, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take a look at what’s new this season, if there’s is really anything new at all. If you ask me, not so much. The good thing about it is that if you’re a keeper like I am, you might already have some old pieces in your closet that were forgotten and which should see the light again. The good thing about these trends is that they sometimes inspire you on how to wear an old piece of clothing, sometimes they make you see a fabric that you haven’t thought about before, sometimes they inspire new mixes of clothes, etc.

So ladies, you’re about to read my opinion on what we could wear this Fall 2016. I’ve already taken out some trends/outfit ideas/accessories that don’t deserve any attention. 🙂 I tried to structure this “report” as best as I could so it should be easier to follow and leave you with some the main ideas.


Every season the Pantone Institute makes a Fashion Color Report, that shows us what are the trending colors of that season. Knowing this is good because sometimes we discover new shades, and if there’s any you like, than be sure you’ll be able to buy it.

This season all colors are pretty cool and I think there’s something for everyone. They are earthy tones with pops of vibrant colors. What I noticed is that you can pair almost any shade with another one from this fall palette and would still look good, sometimes even spectacular.


To these ones, you pretty much add whatever colors you like and already own.


The star fabric of the season is velvet, followed by plaid, gloss leather and fur.  Velvet looks and feels precious, but it needs special caring. I would highly recommend it for a dress, especially an evening one.  Also, looks very well on pants and blazers.


Plaid is used very well on coats, suits, skirts, pants and schoolgirl – like dresses, while fur will be seen on coats, bags and other accessories. Gloss leather is mostly used on coats, pants and dresses. I’m not crazy about this glossy look and I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, but it has its ‘charm’ so I didn’t exclude it.

fall2016trends_plaid_bl tartan_fall2016


Let’s start with coats and jackets… Designers propose longer coats, especially on statement furs, leather trench coats and classic wool ones. Be careful with this length, because it doesn’t look good on everyone, especially on petite and skinny silhouettes. You can still wear the military, biker and bomber jackets and all classic coats and puffers.  

fall16trends_fur_bl fall16trends_leather_bl

fall16_trends_military_bl fall16trends-long-coats_bl fall16trends_biker Not something new in the fashion world, but a nice comeback is made by the capelet, which is a small cape usually covering the shoulders, as seen on Brandon Maxwell or Dior collections. It does give the whole look a more classy feeling.


Pant suits, perfect for business look and turtlenecks make a big comeback too. I actually found one in my closet, but I’m still not sure that I will wear it. Wear it as it is or under a dress, but be careful at the whole look, as it won’t look good on all types of dresses.

fall2016trends_pantsuits_bl fall2016trends_turtleneck

If you loved the ruffles and the off-the-shoulder style we’ve seen this summer, than go ahead and keep wearing it. This is one style that I chose not to wear this summer because it was literally everywhere and I just got tired of it. 🙂

fall2016trends_ruffles_bl trendsfall2016_offheshoulders

Florals are always a good idea, including in fall. Just switch from light florals to the dark ones, meaning the base of the fabric should be a darker shade.


Metallics are still in, and if you ask me should always be in. When you need a little bit of glam, a metallic anything will save the outfit.



This concludes the first part of my fall2016 ‘report’, and tomorrow I will tell you more about the accessories that we’ll be seeing in shops and probably wearing this season. There’s nothing untold, unseen, undone or extremely original. It’s a mix of styles that we’ve got used to lately, and the good part is that there are many options and that good style has nothing to do with any trends. There are just ideas to get inspired from and hopefully you close this article with some new outfits in mind.

Photo source: Pantone, Vogue Runway, Pinterest (links here)

See you soon,


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