Getting lost in Louisiana…

I remember the years when my husband and I used to go out all the time, sometimes every day after work. Since Erica was born, getting out involves a good plan, sometimes a plan B and C, because you never know when plan A fails. Because we can’t get out all the times, we pick carefully the places we want to go to, the movies we want to see, restaurants, etc. That being said, I recently discovered a new place in Bucharest that I can’t wait to try again. Last week I was invited to the official opening of a Live Jazz Club that promised the best Louisiana experience, both in music and in food. The name of the place: Louisiana Bistro. 🙂 Obvious, no?


I got curious and went, especially since I know that husband is a jazz lover. If you love music, jazz or not, you should really visit this place, you might just fall in love. 🙂 And if you don’t love music, you should still visit the place for the food experience, Louisiana style.


louisiana_009 louisiana_048

In my experience, the best places are those owned by people who invest not just money, but passion. This place has soul, plays soul and will please your soul. 🙂 Owned by a former musician (Bogdan Papastere), the place is dedicated to food for soul, literally and metaphorically speaking. 🙂

Darlings, I’m not the biggest jazz, blues and soul fan, but I loved the band and the American musician Clay Windham gave a beautiful performance – Clay plays there every Friday evening. I’m not a gourmand, but the food there was an experience itself. I don’t eat pork ribs, I rarely eat pork, but those BBQ Mississippi flavor ones were melting in my mouth. I discovered Jambalaya New Orleans, a traditional Louisiana recipe, and now I can’t wait to try it again.  I got to meet Chef Cristian Marin, the one responsible with all the wonderful recipes and thanked him for my happy belly.


This place is a must try, especially on Friday, when Clay plays live with the band.

Good food, good music and good company is pretty much all you need for a great night out, right? And a great night it was.


Photos: Mircea Filigeanu

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