As this year the YO syrup is celebrating 60 years, I just received from them the challenge to picture myself at 60, to imagine how will I be, what will I do and write a list of all the experiences I would like to live until my 60th anniversary.  I thought it will be easier to imagine my life 27 years from now, but surprisingly is not, so I just figure it out that the best way to start this list is not overthinking it too much and just write down whatever comes through my mind.  As life is a road filled with moments, experiences and people who shape who you are and what you’ll become, you can’t really be sure what your life will look like, but you can for sure write down how you decide your life should be. Every time you feel you lost track of who you are and what you wanted to become, just read your list…

How do I want to be, what do I want to do, where do I want to go, what to I want to experience until I’m 60 years old…

…radiant and happy

…proud of myself

…looking like I’m 45 🙂

…in shape



…more relaxed


…stylish as hell

…active, in every way you could think about 🙂

…”less thinking, more action”(yes, I still tend to overthink everything)

…”less talking, more listening”

…less afraid

…less tired

…best mom for my daughter

…best wife for my husband

…better than now

…a better manager

…to live in a house that inspires me from the moment I open my eyes in the morning

…to experience living in a safe world

…to inspire my daughter and show her that she can become anything she wants; to watch her become that.

…to inspire women through my writing, my actions and my creations

…visit 100 countries/territories

…take professional driving lessons; become a pilot

…overcome my fear of public speaking and speaking in front of hundreds of people

…to meet lots of people who inspire me and from which I have plenty of things to learn.

…to swim better and more frequently

…swim with dolphins, happy dolphins 🙂

…snowboarding without falling 10 times in 2 hours

…ice skating like a pro

…ride the bike again

…experience painting again

…make my brand a worldwide known one

So, have you thought about how your life will look like when you’re 60? 


Photo: Photographa

PS. I discovered the YO syrup a few months ago at a cocktail party. If you want to try some cocktails with YO, check their Youtube channel for some ideas. I loved the Hugo!…

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