I’ve met many women in my life, but the ones that impressed me the most were the ones young at heart. Some were not the prettiest, some were not the skinniest, some had counted many years of life and experiences, some had deep wrinkles on their faces, but they had so much energy and loved life that was enough to make them the most beautiful.

Young at heart‘ it’s an attitude, it’s a way of being, feeling, dressing up, thinking and speaking as if you never got old but just a lot wiser.  Young at heart means being who you want to be, no matter your age or body. Young at heart means that if you’re 50 and you want to have a tattoo, than you should go and have one. Young at heart means you’re never too old and it’s never too late. Young at heart means having the guts to speak your mind, looking foolish without being a fool, dancing like you’re 10 (while you still can 🙂 ), wearing those colorful socks with a classic suit if that’s what you want :)…

I’m almost 34, I was literally raised surrounded by fashion and this year was the first time I dared to wear outside my home a pair of black fishnet tights. I always loved them, but considered them a little bit too sexy and was afraid to look too frivolous. That old I was when I was younger! 🙂 Now I know exactly how to wear them so I won’t look frivolous! That young I am now!…and I’m getting younger every day!

I believe we are the most happiest when our hearts don’t get older, when we discover that the wisdom we gained over the years is teaching us to enjoy more the time we have, to love more the ones who love us back, to cherish the things we have. So for this Christmas, take a step back, relax, see the big picture, enjoy the time you spend with your dear ones and be as “young” as you want!

As for me, I will take a few days off and do just that. I will see you soon and I hope you have the best Christmas you can possible have, I hope Santa will bring you the best gifts, those who cannot be bought from the shop: happiness, health, joy, family, friends, luck and a young heart!

I leave you these for inspiration…

PS. I simply love these 2 “girls”! They are a true inspiration. I think I’ll start taking dance lessons again. 🙂

PS2. For more incredible inspiring style check this blog



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