What made me sad, grateful and happy today…all in 5 minutes

Not just sad, it made me cry. I read a very emotional article on elle.com today and I’m a very emotional girl, and not only it made me think but it made me thankful for living in a country where “that” was never an issue for me, and being the daughter of 2 parents who never dared to decide what my job, my choices or my life should be, who understood that their job is to do the best they can to see me happy…because for a parent, that should always be her/his greatest wish.

Long story short, in China, if a woman is over the age of 25 and still single, she is called a “leftover woman”. It’s a hard word that hits even me, even though I was never called like that and never heard it before. I can only imagine what it must be like to live among people who believe you’re old at 25, and God forbid unmarried, I can only imagine how heartbreaking it is to have your own parents say that about you. It’s not enough that everyone else is putting such a pressure on you, to hear it from your own parents, to see them truly devastated every day because of your single status, it’s really unbelievable.  If that wasn’t amazing enough, the parents gather in Shanghai’s People’s Park at some sort of marriage market with personal ads of their daughters and sons. I’m sorry for my language but…WTF? Where is the LOVE in that equation? Well, there’s no place for love, attraction, freedom of choice, respect for your wishes and happily ever after. It’s only place for what others might think, it’s not about your life, it’s about how others want you to live it…

When will we learn?! It takes only 2 words to explain what a parent should do for his/hers child: LOVE and RESPECT. Love them anyway, because they are part of you too, and respect them, their wishes, their choices and their lives. They are not you, they live their lives not yours, they make their mistakes, sometimes they fall and they get up… your job is to be there for them, to love them and respect them. I told you I get emotional about this kind of things :)… I can’t stop it, I’m a woman and I have a daughter, and when it comes to her, I’m the Lion Queen. 🙂

From my point, if each and every one of us would remember to LOVE and RESPECT more, in any situation, what a beautiful World would be!

The happy moment came when the women had the courage to do something about it… I warned you, it’s a very emotional video…And another happy moment came when looking around, at least when it comes to the women’s place in the world, things are changing, slow, but they are.

The video is a part of the Change Destiny Campaign

In another train of thoughts, but somehow related, Japan has a different kind of problem, that has now become a matter of state… You should see this one too…

It does makes you think, isn’t it?


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