32 Wisdom Street

Today is my 32th birthday and out of nowhere I felt the need to think about my life now, about the past & the future, about the lessons I’ve learned so far. It must be the age, because I didn’t use to analyze it so much in my 20s. Turning 30 felt quite sexy, 31 was close enough, but 32 hit me: Shit, I’m a grown-up! When did that happen?! I’m a mom, a wife, a blogger, a friend…  Wow, I’ve made it, I have it all!

In this rushed life we rarely sit for a while and just think about what we have, who we are, what we really need and how much we’ve accomplished.  It’s always about what we’re not, we don’t have, where we haven’t been, the things we haven’t done.

With years comes experience & wisdom, or at least I want to believe this. So, today, for those of you who want to know me better, I’ll tell what I’ve learned in 32 years about myself and about life:

  1. I’m not perfect….but it’s OK. No one else is.
  2. Every kick in the ass is a step forward, literally and metaphorically speaking. Every time I thought I’ve failed, it proved to be what I needed. Sometimes, the Universe just wants to  guide you on the right path. So, now I believe in [pull_quote_center]it wasn’t meant to be[/pull_quote_center] & [pull_quote_center]one day all this will make more sense to me[/pull_quote_center]
  3. Starting all over again is not a bad thing. It’s scary and exciting at the same time! But make sure you know exactly what you have to loose and what to gain before doing it.
  4. When life wants to teach you a lesson, learn it! If you don’t, it will find a way to put you through hardships until you do.
  5. Even in the most difficult moments, you’ll find the strength you never thought you have to overcome whatever is put in your way.
  6. When your inner voice “screams” at you, listen!
  7. The friends you make = a family you gain
  8. The only unconditional love is the one a parent has for his/her children. So stop asking anyone else besides your parents to love you unconditionally, they can’t.
  9. It’s really OK if you haven’t tried any “scene” from “Fifty shades of Grey”.
  10. Jumping in bed at 32 feels good. And pillow fighting…
  11. Never ask someone to do something for you that you wouldn’t be prepared to do for them.
  12. It’s OK to have bad days; just tell the people close to you to keep away. You are not responsible for your actions :))
  13. You can only be exceptional if you’re doing something you really like. When you put your heart into something, great things happen.
  14. Do something for your soul, at least once a month.
  15. Women have moods. Guys just need to learn to deal with it.
  16. Men and women are no equal, except in rights. Our differences make us complete.
  17. Diversity is the best thing that happened to humanity.
  18. Compromising is the key to a happy life. You can argue with me on it after you read this.
  19. People will always find a way to surprise me: in a good or a bad way!
  20. No matter what you think now, you’re never fully prepared for anything. And after it happens, you’ll know you weren’t.

I’m still learning my lessons, I’m  still working  to overcome my fears and accept what I can’t really change, but I can also see who I am, what I want, what I can do and what I don’t want to do, how much I’ve accomplished and how grateful I am. And right now, my life is perfect, just the way it is!

Happy b-day to me and happy days to all of you,







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