Candies anyone?

    One of the most interesting trends this autumn is the excessive use of pastels in an outfit, and it’s a trend that I have to admit I like. First of all, because I love pastels, secondly, because they remind me of spring so I won’t get depressive because we are heading to winter soon, and thirdly, they somehow ‘sweeten’ the look and even more importantly,  they make me look great.

    The trend this season is candied combinations, which means juxtapose 2-3 or more pastels in a single ensemble, including accessories.  You are basically going to look like a coloured lollipop stick, which is definitely fun.

    If this idea appeals to you, be careful how you mix the colors to create a balanced look.

    The biggest promoter of this look is PRADA, and their collection offers us plenty of inspiration…


    Now, even though I love pastels, a “pastels all over” look may be a little bit too much for me too, but I have a few ideas that can make this trend more wearable.

    • Monochromatic pastel. A pastel dress is the perfect choice for me, and you can also opt for a single colored jumpsuit.
    • Balance with white. White is the perfect choice for many things, including balancing an outfit. If there’s too much color going on, just put on a white shirt, blazer etc
    • Wear with or as prints. This is another way to wear pastels and avoid color block outfits like those from Prada. For me, this style looks even more stylish than the mix of different colors.
    • Same color- different textures. If the same color – same texture seems too dull, playing with different textures may be just the right trick to achieve a style that says “I’m a fashion pro”
    • Layer the pastels, by choosing a pastel coat over a different pastel shirt, pants or skirt.

    …and other cool ideas:

    Photos: Pinterest,,,,,,

    Let’s bring the girly looks back,


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