10 tips on what to wear on New Year’s Eve when you have nothing NEW to wear

    One more day until New Year’s Eve and you have nothing to wear. Out of lack of time, or maybe money, you haven’t bought anything special for this year’s party. If you’ve ever been in this situation or you are right now, than this article is for you.

    I took few days of this Christmas and I have to say it felt really good to relax and don’t worry about anything. I just got back and it hit me: I haven’t even thought about what I‘m going to wear tomorrow at the party between years. Yes, it can happen to me too. Since today I’m home alone with my 3 years old Miss Daughter, there won’t be any time to shop. So, what to wear when you have nothing to wear….

    1. Accessories. A statement necklace, a cool and big brooch, anything that says big, bold and party. Accessories are outfit saviors so find an interesting accessory and add it to for example to a little black dress that I’m sure you have. If you don’t have anything big and bold, just add multiple layers of jewelry: multiple thin chains, multiple bracelets, etc.
    2. Sparkly tights. Those I intend to wear myself. They scream party! Mine & Stradivarius
    3. Metal headband, a tiara, a short black veil or another head piece. If the clothes are simpler, draw attention with a beautiful head piece. I find those metal headbands really cool and party perfect, but you can go for a bigger & bolder piece. 
    4. Leather. Lately, I have a thing for leather. Pants, skirts, jackets…love them all.  If wore in the right combinations they show style and boldness… that translates into sexy chic. If done wrong, leather can look sluty sexy. The whole look matters, from head to toe, so be careful with too much of anything when it comes to leather. Since it’s a party we are talking about, you can show a lot more and style it with lace, sequined pieces and bold accessories.
    5. Metallic Shoes. Need I have to explain more? If you have them, wear them. Pinterest (first 2) & Musette
    6. Anything that you would wear at a wedding… if you’re not the bride. Though, if you’re going to a costume party, than your wedding dress might just be the perfect choice. I wore my civil ceremony dress and my wedding shoes, both white, to a costume party on New Year’s Eve.  I added white tights (which were very hard to find, so I bought them from a children’s shop – Thank God I’m petite and there are children bigger than me) and white Angel wings. I had the time of my life dressed like an Angel, and I was the whitest thing in there. 🙂 I was glowing…literally. But if it’s not a costume party, but a fancy ball, than probably what you wore at the latest wedding you were invited to will do just fine. Long dresses are the best if you would ask me, but I’m sure you have at least a dress in your wardrobe suitable for a fancy party.
    7. Little Black Dress – the must have of any wardrobe, it will save you this time too. Add accessories, sparkly tights and metallic shoes and that’s it. 🙂
    8. Sequins on anything. A top, a skirt, a blazer, short pants, long pants or a dress entirely covered in sequins. Any of these pieces will do just fine, as there’s no perfect moment than New Year’s party to wear sequins.   Stradivarius (first 2) & Zuhair Murad
    9. Lace. It’s pretty much the same story with sequins. From an entire lace look, to just one piece, you can wear lace and be sure that it’s the  perfect choice for tomorrow’s party.
    10. Big Tulle Skirt. This one is also one my favorite looks. It says party, fun, bold and lady all at the same time. Surprisingly, not everyone dares to wear a big tulle skirt but if you have one in your wardrobe, now it’s the perfect time to get it out again.  I find it adorable and it works with everything. You could pair it with a simple t-shirt, a sequined piece, a lace one, a shirt, etc. It offers so many options and it allows you to go from a grunge look to a very lady chic style.

    Hope you found some inspiration in today’s article and realized that there are always some pieces in your wardrobe that you can wear on many different occasions. It’s just a matter of mixing the right ones and yes, owning some key pieces that will help you make incredible outfits. The list above also shows those key items that you should own, if not the entire list, at least a few of them, the ones that represent your style. I’m sure you have at least one in your wardrobe, so, if you don’t have anything to wear tomorrow, than you should open your closet right now and play a little dress up. There’s no way you won’t find anything. Don’t be afraid of taking style risks, as tomorrow, whatever you’ll wear it can’t be wrong. Tomorrow is about end and beginning, about hope, shine and letting everything behind.

    Photos: Pinterest

    Lots of kisses, hugs and a Magical New Year,


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