15 items under 50 Euro perfect for your office wardrobe

    First day of work and I’m freaking out a little bit! My to-do list is long already, but before I dive into anything else, I had to write about this… You’re probably back to work too, and if you still have some money left in your account after the holidays, than why not start the year with something new for yourself. I have to tell you, what I’m about to show you is dangerously attractive…

    I selected 15 pieces that are perfect for work, on sales, with prices between 9 Euro – 50 Euro, all from MANGO…. because this particular website is full of surprises. I did ordered from Mango before, and everything came perfect and in the amount of time promised.

    Now, let’s see…


    Coat 1 & Coat 2


    Dress 1Dress 2 & Dress 3


    Pants 1 & Pants 2


    Top 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


    Bag & Boots

    You’ll find plenty more on mangooutlet.com, but these 15 were my favourite ones.

    Now Divas, let’s get back to work…in style, of course!

    Have a sensational year my dears, and make every day count!


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