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    lana dumitru

    There’s a trend in fashion that combines traditional elements with modern designs, sometimes reinterpreted to give a new meaning and a new life to old stories, legends, traditions, etc. This is not a new trend, and here in Romania  we can find  it in many areas, from clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, to furniture and home decor. It’s true we cherish our traditions and our designers keep finding new ways to interpret them.

    Maybe one of the best use of elements that define Romania and Romanian life can be found in Lana’s creations.

    If this is the first time you’ve read about Lana….

    “You can consider Lana an artist manifesting her beliefs through fashion as you would find Lana’s clothing in an art gallery or in a museum, rather than in a shop. Her original style comes from the fact that she designs all her visuals and patterns, transforming pure white fabrics into strong unique conceptual pieces through the means of digital printing.

    She has been named the best young Romanian fashion designer of 2015 (Forbes Award) and she was included by Forbes in Top 30 under 30.”

    Lana is now a brand that you’ll want to remember since even though she’s young, she is now one of the best known Romanian designers worldwide.

    These are some of Lana’s best projects, from my point of view.

    With 2 former collections inspired by the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta that were so very well received by customers worldwide, it seems like Lana has a real passion for this place, since she just launched the 3rd collection, named Sporty Sapanta.

    This new collection by Lana for MOJA,  proposes new items and  a streetwear approach of the Maramures  inspiration,  adapted for very active women.

    The sport couture collection includes shorts, dresses, long jackets and backpacks, all in various new prints, with distinctive elements such as colored elastic bands, a style specific to the sports equipment wore in the 90s.

    sporty sapanta - lana for moja_5

    lana dumitru

    lana dumitru

    sporty sapanta by Lana for Moja_4

    sporty sapanta by Lana for Moja_8

    The whole collection can be found at MOJA, a multiband online store with a large selection of designers in different areas.

    Photo Credit: Vlad Andrei; Model: Laura Giurcanu; Make-up: Dana Vlad

    Designer: Lana Dumitru for

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