Pregnancy – fairytale or nightmare? Part 1.

UrbanMom. Untold story of motherhood - Chapter 2.

In the previous chapter I was telling you about my adventures until I got pregnant. This chapter will be about my pregnancy, how I felt physically and emotionally, my story exactly as it was.

I wanted so much to get pregnant, I dreamed about being a mom, so imagine how happy I was to finally be pregnant. All the happiness and the feeling in the seventh heaven lasted for about a week, when I was rushed to the emergency room. I was starting to feel the pregnancy nausea on a Saturday, but until late Sunday evening I was so sick that we had to go to the hospital. From the moment the sickness began it turned out to be impossible to stop it naturally. The doctor did everything she could on the spot, but even though I was on drug infusions, the nausea didn’t stop. They did some blood tests and all sort of others just to see if there was something wrong with me beside pregnancy. The blood tests revealed a major electrolyte imbalance in my body, in other words I was experiencing a toxic pregnancy (RO: Disgravidie emetizanta; EN: Hyperemesis gravidarum). You can read more about it if you want on that link or just Google it.

As a result, I was hospitalized to try to stop the sickness and to receive intravenous fluids and meds. I was so happy to be at the hospital, as I thought they will do something and it will make it stop, or at least make it bearable somehow. They made it bearable until I got out of the hospital, 2 days later, not because my blood tests looked amazing, but because we decided that we can do this from home, were I would feel better in my own environment. For about 3-4 days I tried to eat better, take nothing except some vitamins, try some natural remedies. After these days I went back to my doctor as I couldn’t take it anymore: I was vomiting 6-7 times a day, couldn’t drink and couldn’t keep anything in my stomach. I was already loosing weight rapidly, and of course my blood tests were even worse. Another round of intravenous fluids and meds, but the good news was my baby was fine.  I was feeling like s__t but my baby was ok. At that point we had 2 options: stay in hospital until I’m better, that could’ve meant weeks, months, or come to the clinic every day, get my intravenous fluids and meds, and go home. My doctor aloud to do the last one, probably so I wouldn’t get depressive. The whole experience is awful, so by going home and sleeping in my bed, I felt like I was still controlling my life. Going home made it bearable and acceptable. I felt I could do this. So, for about 6 -7 weeks I went to the clinic 6 days/week, stayed there for a few hours and then went home. With this treatment I was only vomiting once/day, after the meds effect would have passed.

Sunday’s were harder, since the clinic was closed, so I was only relying on normal meds. I couldn’t wait for Monday to come.

Even though I was receiving all the treatment I needed and all the support from my doctor, my blood tests took a long time to become normal. I lost almost 10% of my body weight, I felt exhausted, mentally and physically. I lost count of how many needles I had to bear or how many tests I had. I was closely monitored, myself and my pregnancy. At one point, my doctor told us that if my blood tests don’t get normal soon and if my weight loss will be more that 10%, we will have to loose the pregnancy, as it was dangerous for me to still keep it. That felt like a bad joke, as I wasn’t going to lose the child I wanted so much, after all I was going through. That was unacceptable so I told my husband that I’m not going to agree with this until there’s nothing else we can do.  It took 24 hours from the first moment of feeling sick to have a major imbalance in my body and weeks of treatment to make it my blood tests normal again. That fragile we are.  I was still sick and receiving treatment when on a Saturday, by blood tests came normal again. We were safe. We were going to be ok.

The rest of the story, tomorrow… I don’t want you to get bored. 🙂


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