If you read my blog, you already know my opinion about trends… but in case this is your first time (welcome! :)), I consider trends a bouquet of fashion ideas that you can inspire from or completely forget about. Fashion trends have a way of turning back into spotlight every now and then, with some changes of course and adapted to current times. This reinterpretation of some past trends and styles can sometimes be very inspired, and sometimes really, really not. But, it’s good that we all have something to like or dislike, because in the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Also, you know I don’t like to talk about spring/summer trends in autumn, because by the time we actually wear them, we forget what they were. As every fashion lover, I took a look at what this spring has to offer when it comes to trends, and I have some trends that I really dislike (like that “pyjamas” inspired style or this almost ‘boudoir’ reinterpretation of the 90’s satin slip-on dress) and some cute ones totally wearable on street. The wearable ones are today’s subject, because as magical as they make look on the runway, some styles just won’t work in your every day life.

  1. Bold stripes. Almost anyone I know has at least one T-shirt with breton stripes, or in other words those nautical inspired stripes. While, the breton stripes are almost a must in any wardrobe, this season is all about being bold in all sorts of stripe mixes.
  2. the Midi skirt/dress. I’m all in for this style because it’s really feminine and comfy, because admit it, the short dress can move up more that you want to and with the really long ones you must be extra careful not to stumble on. I mostly like them puffy or pleated, in bold colors, graphic prints or leather. 
  3. Metallics and sequins. Well, a little bit of sparkle any now and then is just the right thing you need. Perfect for an evening wear and for parties, I would dare to take them out during the day. This trend is really hot right now when it comes to shoes also, and I’m totally in love with it, as I have already shown you here. 
  4. Modern Bomber jackets. If you have them, now is the time to get them out from your closet. I’m not crazy about this style in a classic way, but I do love my leather one from Mango and this Fendi one is gorgeous.
  5. Let’s go back to the Romance. Romance is hot right now, as it should always be! 🙂 Mrrr to those who think romance is overrated… Translated into clothes, romance refers to whites, pastels, ruffles, off the shoulder dresses or shirts, lace, etc. 
  6. No spring without Florals. Just so we are clear from now till forever, floral prints will always be in during the warm season. They are interpreted in all sorts of ways, so anything you have with flowers on is perfect to take out again. I already told you how to wear them in this article

I always like to buy clothes that I can wear again and again, this is why now I already have clothes that match almost all these trends. I advise you to do the same, and buy items that you love and wear for many times and why not years to come. Don’t forget, your clothes ‘speak’ about you so let them tell your story as it really is.

Short recap: Stripes, midi, metallics, graphics, bomber jackets, pastels, florals, ruffles, sexy shoulders, lace.

PHOTOS: vogue.co.uk

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