The multi-purpose wardrobe

Is your wardrobe multipurpose? And no, I’m not talking about the closet itself… 🙂 

Every time I’m going shopping, I have a rule that helps me make the most out of my clothes and the money I spend on them: A piece of clothing must be wearable on different occasions, sometimes all year round, must be easy to mix with what I already own and if possible perfect to wear with high heels and flats, for day and night events. I know it’s a lot to ask from a piece of clothing, and it’s true that sometimes it doesn’t meet all requirements, but this way of thinking does makes your shopping decisions smart. The idea is that no matter what you pay for it, if you will wear it on various occasions, you are practically dividing the cost to the number of occasions you’re using it. This brings us to “Buy it if you love it rule of smart shopping – if you love that piece of clothing, you will definitely wear it many times, so it’s worth its place in your wardrobe.

Lots of us dream about a room filled with clothes and accessories, but how many do actually have it? So, that’s why it’s even more important that what you buy can be mixed and matched with what you already have. The space in your closet is limited so every item in there must be wore more than once.

This brings me to what I’m wearing in these photos:

Classic nude high heels – perfect day & night, office, brunch with friends, a date, party and even a wedding. I usually wear them with my shoe clips to change their look. 🙂

A short dress, but made from a fabric with metallic threads, that means it has a little bit of shimmer in it, so I can wear it day and night, I can take it from casual with flats, to party ready, depending with what I mix it.

long cardigan that has a nice texture, that can be wore with almost anything, except an evening gown. 🙂

With this look I went to a family party that started at noon, so the cardigan gave the whole look a casual feeling, suitable for a day event.

So, do you have multi-purpose clothes?









PS. The wind was strong, it was cold, a storm was about to start, and we finish shooting 1 minute before the rain began pouring down. This is how luck looks like. 🙂

Photos: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography

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