5 office styles with personality

    One of the most challenging outfit choices is when you have to build an office wardrobe that steps out from the classic look, but still makes you look professional while showing your personality and style. In theory, it should be easy to dress for work, mostly because there are some rules that need to be followed, and that doesn’t leave you too many options. That’s why most of us easily turn to the classic suit or dress, neutrals, classic shirts and blazers. It’s easy, we find them in almost every store, but this is how the whole office ends up looking like wearing an uniform, right?

    So, here are 5 style ideas that are office perfect but will make you stand out.

    1. Jumpsuit – unexpected and stylish, but chosen well, it will save you time in the morning and make you feel really comfortable. Not every jumpsuit works, but I found one that does. Add a colorful blazer and you’re ready to rock the office.

    from Chemistry (MadeinRO)

    2. Bring the color to the office with cute mixes. From pastels to bright colors, there’s no perfect moment then right now to brighten the day of everyone. Who said the office is for neutrals and dark colors.

    3.Bold Pants. Whether they are printed or colorful, you have to try bold pants this year.


    4. Classy urban chic. This is where you mix classic cuts with interesting fabrics and style options.

    5. Stay in the light. That means white and nudes as much as you can in the same outfit. I don’t know about you, but in an office full of dark clothes, I would turn my head around for such an outfit.

    Photos: Pinterest (links in my Pinterest account), H&M, Chemistry

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