Surviving your wedding – Chapter 2

    The List

    The first thing we did when we started our planning was a list of the people we wanted to invite. This is important because based on that number you will try to find a place for the party.

    There’s no point in searching for the right place if you don’t know if they’ll fit in there, or just the opposite, the place may look too big if you have small amount of people at the wedding. You need to find the balance between the space and the number of people in it.

    So, you’ve done yours. Now, ask your parents to make theirs. There may be some of you wondering why should your parents make one, because it is not their wedding, isn’t it? You’re so naive to think that, 🙂 and you’ll find this on your own later in the planning. The reason is that they will want to invite some of the relatives or family friends that you didn’t think about, and they will invite them anyway, so it’s better to know this from the beginning.  Like that, you can say you have a clear view of what to expect, and you can negotiate with your parents if you feel like someone should not be on the list.

    Let’s say you’ve reached a number. Now, cut at least a quarter of that number, because that’s more close to what you’ll really have at the day of the wedding. For example, our list had about 270 people. We ended up with 160 at the wedding. If you have a small wedding with only the closest of your family and friends, than probably you won’t have this problem, because usually they’ll be there. But even in this situation you might have surprises.

    I’ll let you do the list and I’ll see you at lesson no. 3.

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