The “secret” behind my home made manicure

    Lately, I keep receiving compliments and questions about my manicure. Lots of people think it’s a gel manicure because it is so shiny, other know that I don’t use gel so they want to know what I use. So, no, it’s not a gel, nor a professional salon manicure, it’s just a nail polish and a top coat that I use at home. Yes, I do my own manicure and I have 3 main reasons for it:

    1. I tried gel manicure and it ruined my nails. My nails are thin and with a tendency to brake easily. I thought the gel will work and my nail polish won’t chip so easily anymore. Well, it did work, but after 3 rounds of gel manicure, my nails were so affected that even the manicurist said I should take a long break from doing it. If you use gel manicure or intend to do so, maybe you should read this article too.
    2. I’ve been doing my manicure on my own since I was in school. Why stop now?
    3. I haven’t been very satisfied with any of the salons I attended or the professional nail polish they offered. None seemed to last too long on my nails.

    Over time, I tried all sorts of nail products and polishes, less or more expensive, but a few months ago I discovered one that I’m totally in love with, as it lasts for a week and sometimes more, it has a wider brush so it’s easier and faster to apply and you don’t have to use any base coat. You rarely hear me talking about a beauty product, but when I do it, it’s because I tried it and I’m really happy with the results.

    This is what I used lately and I’m extremely satisfied with both products:

    Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (bought from DM) and a Flormar quick dry top coat. Nothing too fancy or expensive.

    Sally Hansen promised 7 benefits in 1 bottle: a base coat, growth treatment, beautiful color, top coat, gel-shine finish, chip-resistance, and a strengthener with keratin complex for up to 64% stronger nails, this all-in-one formula delivers up to 10 days of chip-resistant wear. That’s why I bought it, but now that I used it, I can say it delivered everything it promised.

    Even though it wasn’t necessary to apply a top coat, I did it because I thought it will make it last longer. Sometimes I do apply it, sometimes I don’t, but in my experience, it does last longer with the top coat on.

    In the near future I will tell you how I apply my nail polish and my tips on how to make it last longer. I’ve been improving my technique over the past years and I now can share some of my secrets . 🙂

    My nails have been a problem for a while now, but since I discovered this Sally Hansen nail polish I’m finally happy to have a product that really works and does what it promised.

    If you use it too, let me know if you are satisfied with it.

    PS: These photos were not shot on a fresh done manicure. It had about 4 days.


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