I’ve never been a fan of the 20s style. I’m not in love with pearls, not crazy about the loose dresses, dropped waist-line, the beads, sequins, lace, fringes, flowers, shiny fabric, crazy hemlines, sometimes all into one dress. 🙂 Not quite in love with the hair style, and definitely not in love with the hats. I guess I always felt there were a little bit too much for me.

Although I always respected the fashion revolution that came with the 20s, I never ever felt that style as one close to my heart. Until this weekend… 🙂 Ok, it doesn’t mean that starting now you’ll see me adopting this style every day, it may even be a one time affair, but I’m telling you, I loved that aristocratic look on me.


A friend of mine got married and the wedding theme was the Great Gatsby. I had nothing to wear and because I wasn’t a fan of that style, I wasn’t crazy about buying a dress to match the style. I thought I will find something a little bit simpler to match my style too, but somehow related. I searched for some dresses and couldn’t find anything. The only thing I new I wanted to wear was that old pearl piece that I own and love. I know they are pearls and I wouldn’t normally wear pearls, but that piece is stunning. I already wore that large collar on several occasions, and you can see one right here. It looks amazing on a very modern and simple shirt.

So, I had the shoes, I had the pearls and I bought a headpiece that I liked and arranged it to look more 20s. Ahhh, and that pearl “belt”. So, all the accessories and no dress 🙂 . I searched among friends and I was saved by the bride who remembered she had a simple sequin dress. I got the dress Wednesday and I wore it Saturday. It was perfect. So this 20s look was done with contemporary pieces. But they all mixed up beautifully and the result was very much appreciated.







But the most curious thing of all was that I liked it. I really felt good and that made me think… we should really experience more, including myself. You never truly know until you have the courage to try something new. You might even hate the result, but the good part is, you discover something new about yourself. And that my darlings, applies in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes things happen to give us the possibility to experience. We can say no, but how will we know what happens if we say YES?

PS. Now, don’t take this to the extreme. Not everything should be experienced and in some cases saying no is the right thing to do. 🙂

I hope you love this look as much as I loved it and hope it inspires you next time you have to attend a Gatsby inspired party.






Location: Manasia Domain (Conacul Manasia)

Photos: big thanks to my talented husband Sebastian for catching the perfect shots

Hair and makeup: me 🙂

Part of the #infiniteshadesofme project


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