…is great people, wonderful music, tasty food, good alcohol (some might say lots of alcohol 🙂 ) and the topic of today’s article. 😛

A week ago I went to a wedding. A beautiful 20s style wedding. You’ve seen my outfit of choice here so I won’t brag about it anymore. 🙂

Today I want to tell about what is now a party ‘must-have’: the photo booth.

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I’m not a fan of the ‘must-have’ as I don’t really believe there anything you must have, do or buy, but today I dared to use it because we honestly had so much fun fooling around with almost all the props Photo Magique brought there that I can now state: “It’s a must have.” I have exactly 12 photos on my fridge that prove the fun we had. 12 photos of my dearest friends, 12 photos to remember that day, 12 photos that I now love.

These photos were offered as wedding favors and I believe they are some of the best gifts I ever received at a wedding. And I doubt there was anyone who left there with just one photo. 🙂 From the moment we arrived till the end there was always someone in the photo booth.

So next time you see a photo booth, go ahead and get crazy. You’ll love the result.

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