…is that there are all sorts of “fashion experts” that made it frightening. Something so unoffending and beautiful it now offenses people. Why? It has become an industry. 🙂

Over the time, I’ve heard or read a few opinions of some so-called fashion specialists that not only annoy me, but they offend a majority of people. Recently, I’ve heard them again and it made me write this post, in an attempt to clear some misconceptions that some might have on fashion or style. It sounds like this: “It better be a brand! It better be silk! It better be genuine leather!” or else, your style is doomed.

This kind of words are offensive to people who don’t really have the budget to spend on the expensive fabrics and products and it actually makes them believe that style has to do with budget. It labels them, and God, I’m so tired of labels. Forget about them!

Money can buy you lots of things, style is just not one of them.

Style is something that you have or you develop, regardless of the money you spend.  Good style is something that some will never have, regardless of the amount of money they spend.

There are people who buy their clothes from second – hand stores and they have an incredible style. I know people who hate silk and look amazing in synthetic fabrics.  I truly appreciate them more than anyone who walks into a high-end store and spends thousands on a designer dress. That’s easy. I appreciate more someone who can dress up in H&M and look like Chanel. That’s talent. I honestly appreciate a designer that makes beautiful and affordable clothes from less expensive fabrics. I know that’s harder to do. I appreciate people that can mix expensive clothes with cheaper ones creating outfits that don’t speak about brands or money, but about style. 

Fashion has gave us something incredible. It gave us the freedom to express ourselves, a tool to show the world who we are, regardless of the money we have.

Fashion doesn’t belong to the rich ones. 

Nowadays, there’s something for everyone, and no, you don’t have to spend 75% of your money on clothes.  They won’t bring you happiness. 🙂

Spend smart, as much as you want, from whatever you want. Spend at Chanel or Prada if your budget allows you to, spend in small designer stores, they too have talent, spend in Zara or any other similar store, spend online or offline. Know your body, love your body, be creative, build your style and show it to the world. It doesn’t have to be from the cover of a magazine, it just has to be YOURS.


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Photo source:huffingtonpost.com, girlofacertainage.com, fashionlady.in

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