Yesterday was all about the colors and outfit trends of fall 2016; the ones that deserve our attention, of course. Today, let’s see what shoes, jewelry or bags are in this season.


If you like the classics, than you’re the season’s winner, or better said, you’re a smart shopper. Classic pumps, short boots, over the knee boots, hiking boots might be styles that you already own, and good for you, now you can get them out again. The only news in the shoe department is the use of velvet, the star fabric of the season. It was literally used on almost every shoe style possible. As we’ve seen yesterday, plaid and gloss leather are other star fabrics, so using them on shoes is also a great idea.

hiking-boots_trends-fall-2016 shoes-trends_2016


Bags get the star fabrics treatment too, so the new season comes with fur purses and velvet bags. It’s not even surprising anymore. 🙂 Besides the styles that we are already used to, a new entry might be found in your grandma’s closet. It’s that old style look that has won some hearts already. Now, do use whatever style you like, whether it’s a big shopper bag or a small cross-body one, a grandma style, a vintage piece, a colorful or a plain one. You can’t go wrong with a bag.

bags_fall2016_trends furse_fall-2016 grandmastyle_fall2016


When it comes to jewelry, this season has it all: pearls, big stones, funky statement earrings, statement necklaces, chokers, charms, delicate multi – layered necklaces, pendants, stone brooches…anything you can think of, it’s probably now trending. 🙂 That’s a good thing, because fashion really offers now anything you might want, and it’s up to you to choose, mix and have fun with them all. One of my favourite ideas in terms of brooches, is the combination of multiple styles and sizes on one single piece of clothing. This allows you to really customise your outfits and turn any simple dull piece of clothing into something unique. So, my advice is to buy accessories. They are really outfit saviours.


My overall opinion is that anything is allowed. The shoes seen on the runway are literally from every style you can think of: pointy shoes, round tip shoes, long, short, leather, suede, velvet, metallics, colorful, plain, nude, black, beautiful shoes, ugly shoes :), everything you can think of is there. So, anything you choose to wear this season, it’s #nowtrending. 🙂 It can’t really get any simpler than this.

Photo source: Vogue, Harpers Bazaar

Have a fantastic stylish Fall ladies,


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