I love to restyle my clothes, to sew details, to accesorise them and that means that sometimes I have clothes that no one else has. The dress in the pictures below is one of those restyled items and can be a DIY project for you too.  About 2 months ago I discovered a skirt in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn for quite a while and I thought I should try to transform it into a dress.  I had some lace and I used it for the upper part of my dress. I used 2 pieces of lace, one for the front and one for the back.



If you want to do something similar, than this is how:

  1. You have to put your dress on, and it has to stay above the bust line.
  2. With the dress on, you pin the lace on the dress with needles, in a way that lace reaches the shoulder level.
  3. You do the same for the back; you’ll probably need someone to help you.
  4. The 2 parts of lace must be united on the shoulder
  5. On one shoulder you sew the 2 parts of lace.
  6. On the other shoulder you sew staples to unite the 2 parts. This makes the dress easier to put on.
  7. Sew the lace on the dress by hand or with a sewing machine. diy_from-skirt-to-dress-copy

If you’re afraid to do this on your own, you can always take the old skirt and similar lace to a professional seamstress and she will do it for you. The main idea of this post is that an old item can receive a new life, can be transformed, upgraded and worn again. 



diy_from-skirt-to-dress diy_from-skirt-to-dress_3

I think the wow factor of this dress is how the lace looks on skin. This is the focus point of this outfit and the first thing people will notice. You can wear it as it is or add a belt or a sash to emphasise the waist.  It’s also a perfect festival outfit and I wore it this summer at Untold. Wear it with sandals, flats, sneakers or boots. Add a sweater or a leather jacket on colder days and wear it even more.


Photos: Photographa

Hope you find it inspirational,


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