How you might end up dressing if you read a lot

    We all read books, but there are some people who have taken their passion to a whole new level.  They devour book after book and no day goes by without at least 1 hour of reading. Sometimes they become writers, bloggers, vloggers and share their thoughts on the books they read. Their passion influence the way they live, speak, think and even dress, because when you fall in love with a character, you feel you can almost live its life. It’s in you, whether you’re aware of it or not.  Well, a passionate serial reader and writer shared with us her opinion on how you might end up dressing if you’re as passionate as she is. Meet Anca…

    My story…

    Let’s face it: we imitate what we see on TV, sometimes even without being aware of it. Why wouldn’t we do the same with what happens in our favorite books? Yes, I could totally see myself dressed as the awesome chick in the Hunger Games series, and it is no secret that transforming books into films makes characters become more visible by assigning them features that are not so obvious in the book.

    Based on the clothing of your favorite characters, you can try and add a little spice to your everyday looks and style. And you don’t even have to look exactly like Hermione in the Harry Potter series, but at least you could try and put on some glasses and a cool T-Shirt with some representative image from the film or even a sparkly quote from the book. And it’s not that you want to be different, but you’re nerdy and you are totally aware of the fact that you’re one of a kind.

    So many of us have watched Mary Poppins and at least some have read the books. I must admit: it really crossed my mind several times that dressing like Mary Poppins at least once a year would not harm anyone. If you think it through, there’s not much to buy or borrow: a hat and some flowers, a vintage white blouse, a girly blazer, a long skirt. And an umbrella, don’t forget that! It won’t even look weird, at least during rainy days. And if anyone asks you why you’re wearing grandma clothes, just assume they’ve never heard of Mary Poppins. And stop talking to them. This is what I would do for sure, trust me!

    On the other hand, Katniss Everdeen is still a goddess for passionate readers and all you have to do to feel like a hero is get a dark v-neck T-Shirt, regular pants and brown boots, a dark jacket and no make-up. Also, don’t forget about that beautiful side braid. Not so difficult to get it done yourself, but I bet YouTube has a lot of ”how to” on this topic. I’d say the badge is not compulsory, but you’re a reader, you’re a rebel, do whatever you want.

    Harry Potter outfits will never get old, so you could always choose to become a she-Harry or Hermione, no complex outfit needed. Or just wear a lame T-Shirt and jeans, and a necklace that says ”Hermione” – this is how you’ll make sure no one will take you for another character.

    Or summon your imagination and go out dressed as Juliette Nelson, Hugh Howey᾽s female character in ”Wool”, a post-apocalyptic masterpiece. Well, people in this book live under the surface of the earth, not knowing whether life on the surface was ever possible, but an astronaut helmet won’t hurt.

    Still, if you think it is too much, just have that printed on a T-Shirt, because this seems like the most facile solution to all these problems: nerdy T-Shirts can never look odd. Or at least this is what I say to myself every time I get nervous about going out dressed rather as a weirdo than as a serious reader. In fact, who can tell if there is any boundary at all between the two? 🙂

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    However, I have never got the chance to go out as Mary Poppins, even though I have been keeping the right clothes in my closet for years. I guess I am too afraid of people who might judge. But in the same time, my entire high school life was spent in Katniss-like clothes, because they were the most common and cheap and easy to find back them, so I guess that makes me nerdy enough to brag in front of my grandchildren in… let’s say 40 or 50 years from now.

    What about you? How do you dress so others can figure you’re a passionate reader?

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    ANCA Zaharia: I love books, booze and rock music, but I am a peaceful spirit nevertheless. Read me here and here.

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    I love books, booze and rock music, but I am a peaceful spirit nevertheless. I work as a copywriter and I have published my first poetry book in 2015, ”Sertarul cu ură”. Read me on Irrefutabilis and Serial Readers

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