Those who know me also know that I have a passion for notebooks and pens, or anything stationery related. It has started during my childhood when I had enormous amounts of homework and I noticed that if I write with a nice pen on a beautiful notebook, I could study more and somehow better. And I swear, it worked.

I still love to write on paper, to feel it, to write down my ‘to do list’ with a pen in my hand and then happily cut the things I managed to finish. I don’t have any apps on my phone to replace this ritual, because I like to do it “old style”. 🙂 For those who share my passion,  Noemi Meilman has now launched the 3rd edition of “Notebooks for to do’s, memories and dreams” named “Meaningful Encounters” (“Intalniri neintamplatoare”) because we’ve all learned that nothing happens by chance and that no encounter is meaningless, even if we can’t understand it at first. This is a limited edition and the whole idea behind them is to remind us that we all live meaningful lives, we meet special people, we have meaningful dreams that deserve to be put down on paper and always be remembered.


meaningful encounters by noemi meilman

The notebooks should be a nice gift idea and can be purchased on-Molecule F (online and the concept store), Morodan, ClassIN (Aviators Blvd. 47) and soon on Visuell , Okian and Loot Forever treasures chamber. 🙂

PS: Secret Santa is coming soon and we all know how hard it is to buy meaningful gifts on a budget. 🙂 Hope I gave you a great gift idea.


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