Because many of you must obey an office dress code that doesn’t allow a too casual dress up, I thought I should show you an idea on how to change from an office lady to a ready-to-party one in 1 minute. In other words, same outfit – different looks.

I chose similar colours for the main pieces, just to show you that it’s ok to do that too. If the colour is not too bold, a burgundy, dark green, navy, grey monochromatic outfit looks really good. I hope you’ve noticed the dark red tights, which are my husband’s favorite. 🙂 Guys like colourful or different kind of tights, but I’ll admit that I’m in love with the black ones, who make my legs look really good.

So, pencil skirt, a simple top, my favorite SASHaccessories necklace, an office jacket, simple black shoes with SASHaccessories red Hearts shoe clips (for a touch of fun and love) and you’re ready for work.  Ok, I know it’s really cold outside in most parts of the world, and shoes are out of the question right now, but even though you’re dressed like an Eskimo fighting the snow on your way to work, I know there are women who get the eskimo suit off when they arrive to work and dress accordingly to the office space. I used a belt over my jacket, because I really love how it looks and it’s a great way to emphazise your waistline.

Gia_theurbandiva_office style

Now, you want to loose the stiff look fast and be ready to go out in no time, so just change the shoes with biker boots and the blazer with a leather jacket. Simple, fast and stylish.




The whole point of this article was to show you that, if chosen right, your clothes can be used so many times, in so many different situations, saving you money that you could’ve spend on 2 types of wardrobe: office and casual. Every time I buy clothes, I always think of possible combinations with my wardrobe, and the different types of looks that I can create with that piece.

Fashion tip: Invest in shoes. ..or in shoe clips :)! A beautiful pair of shoes will save even the most dull outfit.

Have the most beautiful day Divas and outfit inspiration to make you feel great,


Photos: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography

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