I remember when I was pregnant that I used to think about how I see myself as a mommy and if there would be any changes in my style after the birth of my daughter.  I guess I never wanted to suddenly become serious and looking like my mom.


I admire moms who care about their look, because I know that it’s a real effort sometimes to not forget to take care of yourself. I know they are always on the run, trying to  find a balance between feeling comfortable and feeling chic. Well, I believe that comfy can be chic too, I believe that jeans can look amazing with the right t-shirt , that nice flats are a must, kitten heels can be a mom’s best friend and that sometimes chic pants are the mom’s best choice. I believe that being a mom is not the end of your style affair, that if you care enough, you can find easy outfit mixes that don’t look like you just stepped out of your bed and actually make you look and feel younger.  I believe in spending wise and not too much, because after becoming a parent, most of the budget is spent on your child.



Now, let me tell you about this photo shooting. I really wanted to have some pictures taken with her, looking adorable as she does, but also to explain better my point of view on the chic mommy style. My whole look was extremely comfortable, and I chose it especially to show you some chic mommy essentials and style tips. Of course I don’t walk around like this all the time, but if you would use at least one of these ideas, the most simple look can change completely.


Leather pants… I love leather because I love how it makes me feel. Young and restless :). The shorts are a good alternative when you want to show some legs but you don’t want the worries about showing something more, while running after the kid.  They make you feel safe, comfortable, and yes, you guessed it, chic.

A dress transformed into a top…. The burgundy top is actually a dress from C&A, a lovely dress by the way,  which you can wear as it is. These kind of dresses are perfect to wear all year long actually, so they are a good investment. I wore it over a checkered shirt, and I shoved only the front side in my pants, so it made a nice fold, looking like a peplum top, short in front and long in back. I really liked how it looked and I will use this idea again for sure. I wanted to wear it without the shirt, but it was too cold outside. 🙂


Big silverish bag…instead of the classic mommy backpack. The bag is big enough to carry from her bottle of water, napkins, toys (as in lots of toys because we all know there’s never just one), clothes in case she needs to change, my essentials, and pretty much anything you might need, including a laptop if you really have to work while the child is playing.


Interesting flat shoes… shoes that say something about you, shoes that look different. Sometimes, the only thing you need is wow shoes. I added the velvet bow shoe clips just to change their look a little bit.

A statement necklace… I’m a huge fan of statement jewellery and accessories in general, because they can do so much for an outfit. Take this necklace for example and put it over the simplest white t-shirt. It suddenly changes the whole look and the outfit suddenly says something about you: bold and stylish.


A boucle wool coat… I chose this coat for its simple cut, the beautiful color and the amazing fabric that is boucle. I love this textured fabric because the coat suddenly looks warmer and cool, it looks good, feels good and lasts a long time. Also, you don’t have to waste time getting rid of the lint every time you’re wearing it.  Moms love saving time.


I hope you found it inspirational and discovered some style ideas to try on yourself.

Part of the #infiniteshadesofme project

I’m wearing: coat, leather pants, shirt, dress, hat and bag – from C&A, Etienne shoes and SASHaccessories statement necklace.

Erica is wearing: full outfit C&A, CCC boots.

Photos: the talented Mr Sebastian 🙂


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  1. Vai, cat de dragute sunteti <3 Am si eu o fetita care are 1a8l pe care, evident, o ador <3
    Imi place aceasta postare la nebunie si ma bucur ca te-am descoperit 🙂
    Te pup!

    • Buna Deea! Multumim tare mult si ma bucur sa te am acum printre cititori. Ne mai pozam si noi doua din cand in cand, ca sa ne amintim de momentele astea, pentru ca tare repede cresc puiutii.

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