Goodbye you awful 2016! Welcome amazing 2017! Don’t let me down…

I’ve spent the last days of 2016 and the firsts of 2017 away from work and social media, almost away from my phone. I used it as little as I could because I really have felt the need to concentrate on my family, on my soul, on my friends, on my life as it is. Like in that Huawei Christmas ad (that is right below), at least once a year #BePresent, be where your heart is, be with your dear ones, be in love and be thankful for having the ones you love close to you. I tried to be more present in my life, more aware of what I have and more grateful for it. I didn’t post any photos of our Christmas tree, any of the presents I received, not even one photo of these days. I decided to live those moments more intense and keep them for myself.

2016 was not the easiest year of our lives, we fought, lives turned upside down for some. The world has become even more unsafe, and at some level, we all felt the hardships of 2016. Of course that the end of a year doesn’t mean that we are all going to live happily from now on, but as humans, we like to think that a new year is like a new beginning, and once again, at some level, it is. 2016 taught us that nothing is forever and everything can change in a second, that the life you know today can disappear tomorrow. 2016 showed us how unstable we are and how easily we forget who we should be. But, as hard as 2016 was, it has pushed some to understand more about themselves, to make better choices, to become stronger, it has made others take life changing decisions, and hopefully it has made many to appreciate more the good things they have in their lives.

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From a numerological perspective, 2017 has the vibration 1, and yes, that actually means we are facing a new beginning. What we do with it, it’s entirely up to us, but hopefully the hard lessons of 2016 will lead us to a better us in 2017.

How to start 2017? 

Start positive, start enjoying the moment, start enjoying the day, a book, a dance or whatever you love. Say more I love you and thank you, smile more, love more and more often :), live as if you don’t know what tomorrow brings, because why not be honest, 2016 just showed us we don’t. 

Be more grateful, because there really is greatness in gratefulness. 

Just LIVE…

friends theurbandiva blog

not the best picture, but surely the best friends

PS. I don’t know about you, but there are really a few things that can make my day better, and between them, it’s the music. So turn on the volume, sing from the heart no matter your voice, no matter what you’re feeling and dance like crazy. I sure did. 🙂 I leave you with these 3 songs that moved every cell in my body.

Have a fabulous year my darlings, work like crazy, have fun and let’s make it a great new beginning!

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