A tale of two brains: men vs women & the answer to all your questions about him

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What do women want? What do men want? How does our brain work?

If you’ve ever dated, these questions must have come through your mind… I know I’ve thought about them any time the man in my life did or said something that made me frown and wonder: Are we from the same “planet”? Metaphorically speaking, we’re not. 🙂 Do we speak the same language? We should, but somehow we feel lost in “translations”… How should I speak to make him/her understand what in the world I’m really talking about?

BarbatiisuntdepeMarte 9780007152599If you’ve ever read Dr. John Gray’s book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” it should have shed some light on how we work and how should we communicate to one another in order to actually understand each other. After reading it I feel that I actually understand my husband more, I can see in his reactions exactly what the Dr. was explaining in the book, and I know how to properly react.

The book should be read by both men and women, if you are interested in having the best relationship you could have with your partner. My husband asked me a really good question about the subject:  ”What good is it going to do to me if I know you are different than I am? It’s not going to change our nature, isn’t it? We are what we are…” True, but by knowing how your partner feels, thinks, needs & reacts you will know how to choose your words better, when to speak and how to do it. And anyway, it actually feels better to know than to assume…

Another man that I really loved listening about the same subject is Mark Gungor with his “A tale of two brains” or “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage”. His seminar on relationships is actually better than J. Gray’s book, and a lot funnier. So, do find some time to see this video, because I promise you that at the end of it, you will understand more of your partner, your relationship and your own mistakes. Yes, it’s hard to admit, you are not perfect and yes, you too make mistakes & cause problems in your relationship.

Men and women are not alike, nor equal (except in rights), but that’s exactly how we were meant to be and what makes us complete. It’s our differences that made this  world spin around and what makes love feel so damn good. We just have to learn to speak each other’s “language” and then teach our children the same thing. It will save them from a lot of love trouble in the future.


PS. You’ll find out exactly why your girlfriends will save your relationship!

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  1. the book sounds dangerous. imagine what could happen if every guy would know what his girlfriend really meant to say when she said it 🙂

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