How to style up in the most creative way

    The most creative and courageous style of all is the eclectic style. 

    In a few words, it’s all about mixing and matching different styles, themes, textures, patterns, old and new, classic and modern, feminine and masculine, it’s about contrast and most importantly personal touch.

    You’ll rarely see 2 similar outfits when it comes to this style, as the personality and personal taste matters, plus a native sense of fashion. Not everyone can pull off this style, as it’s not about randomly mixing items, but about knowing the rules of mixing styles and prints. Not the simplest style but definitely the most spectacular one.

    One of the best example of fashion “celebrities” embracing this style almost every day is Leandra Medine, the founder of the “Man Repeller” blog. Her passion for fashion is so obvious in every outfit choice, as fashion is definitely her ‘playground’. Not afraid to take risks, not afraid to mix all sorts of items in one look, sometimes she does it perfectly and sometimes not, but no matter how perfect or not the outfit is, her choices will make your head turn around. In the end, it’s all about having fun.


    This style is better understood in photos, so I selected some of the most interesting outfits to inspire you if you want to try a different kind of look. This style it’s not one that I naturally embrace, but I admit that it’s one that I want to try more in the future,  so I’m “studying” it a lot lately. I see it as a style challenge and as a way to try new things and play more.


    Photo Source: Pinterest (links on my account)

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